New Dawn

Sitting in my hotel room in Shanghai, China, I received the, "Yo! Your web hosting is about to run out!" email, and while I'd been on the fence for a while, I took the plunge and stepped away from my traditional Wordpress format, and decided to go with Squarespace.

Why? Well, a few reasons, but the primary one being that I wanted to try something new. I'm by no means a Wordpress expert, but I'm fairly familiar with the workings under the hood, and thought it might be time to expand that skillset.

Enter, Squarespace.

While I mainly use as an about me page and blog for just about everything else that doesn't quite fit into my photography interests, the timing and the interest just seemed right.

I'm particularly fond of the fact that with Squarespace, there's no core database to update. No plugins to update, and someone else worries about the security and backups of my website. Maybe I'm just being lazy, but I've got enough things to worry about, why add even more?

If you're looking for the old content, I'll be importing it soon.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.