Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor


My name is Dan Taylor, and after a rather long wait,  I finally managed to acquire the dan-taylor.com URL.  While not quite, dantaylor.com, it's pretty darn close, and should be an interesting exercise in SEO management, as well as having a nice and rememberable URL to hand out.  dan(hyphen)taylor dot com, yeah, shouldn't be too hard. If you've made it this far, hopefully you have a pretty good sense of who I already am from above. I currently work with a variety of clients, primarily in the startup sector, and aim to maximize their cross channel social media and traditional marketing strategy. I focus on delivering compelling content marketing pieces, SEO best practices, and relating the power of imagery to evoke both emotions and purchases from customers.

My blogging experience grew from a one time technical experimentation, turnthescrew.com. Since becoming a professional content creator, this blog has sadly fallen into disuse, and I may be transferring or repurposing some of the most popular content from the original blog.

As noted above, my true passions in life are photography, travel, music, and marketing, and you'll most probably read about these opinions and reviews on this site. I believe that spending a moment of your time on something that doesn't move you, is only a moment lost spent perfecting your passions.  Hello, and welcome to the all-new dan-taylor.com!

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